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Top 10 Reasons to Exhibit


1)   These type of consumer shows are immediate and compelling. Potential customers can't change the channel or
       turn the page.

2)   The Audience is pre-qualified. Primarily because they paid to gain entry and are there for a reason.

3)   These consumers come with a “Ready to Buy” attitude.

4)   Shows produce Higher returns and less tire-kickers or unqualified buyers than any other form of advertising. If
      they are at a show they want to purchase.

5)   You will realize a multitude of objectives: make immediate impact in your sales; Market research quality leads;
       build brand awareness; sample products; set appointments, demonstrate; and more!

6)   Consumer Shows are perfect venues for test marketing or launching new products. You get to view reactions,
       gain immediate feed-back then and there.

7)   Consumer Shows are a great way for helping your Company or product stand out from your competition.

8)   Shows are very cost-effective. The massive investment in marketing is made by the event, take advantage of
       thousands of potential customers over a single weekend.

9)   These events are the only form of face-to-face marketing.

10) Potential customers can touch, see, hear, taste, feel and smell the products. It is the only form of marketing that engages
       all senses.

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