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  Nate Burkus

  The American interior designer is all set to appear in a brand new show
"The Nate Berkus Show" for the people of America. It is a chat show where people from different fields of life will appear and chat with the host Nate Berkus and talk about their life and their experiences. The highly anticipated show is produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Television and co-produced by Harpo Studios with Terry Murphy as the executive producer


      David Rogers

      Palm Beach Daily News Staff writer;

        Palm Beach Daily News reporter David Rogers writes about news, trends,
        products and tips for environmentally friendly living in Palm Beach and the world
        beyond. There is much more to being green than recycling aluminum cans and
        watching that thermostat. David wades into the deeper waters of eco-living.

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   Green ideas spring from Palm Beach Home Show

    Kimberly Miller

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer;

    Kimberly Miller grew up outside Washington D.C. She graduated from
    the University of Arizona in 1995. In 14 years as a journalist, her beats
    have included K-12 education, universities and colleges, real estate,
    and general assignment.


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    Palm Beach Home Show attendance spikes





  Adam J Sinclair

    Adam is a resident of one of the myriad of HOA developments located in suburban West Palm Beach.  In 2008, he decided it was time to become more involved in the cummunity, and ran for the board of directors.

 Having no experience in local politics or with any other
 board of directors, it has definitely been a learning experience for him. It is an experience
 that he wishes to share, and hopefully everyone will learn a little more about how a home
 owners association works, as well as what you, as a homeowner, can do to make things 

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Make your home more efficient at the Palm Beach Home Show