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    The success of the Palm Beach Home Show, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center is mostly due to our comprehensive advertising campaigns, which draw thousands of targeted qualified and highly motivated consumers to this Palm Beach Premier Signature event.

    Professional Show Management Inc. has consistently produced some of South Florida’s most successful and record-breaking home shows. Our high attendance and lead-to-sales ratios are based on our commitment to both the exhibitor as well as the consumer at all of the shows we produce.

    Let the expertise of our team of professionals and their track record of success help you meet your sales and marketing objectives. We offer a variety of sponsorship levels and opportunities which are designed to maximize your media and on-site exposure to South Florida's most diverse and affluent group of consumers.

Sponsorship/Marketing benefits include high visibility through a comprehensive multi-media advertising campaign.  Your company name or product logo can be featured in:

South Florida’s major daily newspapers.              Outdoor Advertising. 
Major television network affiliates.                        Regional Cable television channels.
 Recognition in the Show Directory.                        Top local & regional radio stations.
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Other major benefits include;

One-on-one interaction with a targeted group of consumers:

Speak directly with thousands of potential new customers, generate sales leads and position your product or services for future sales after the show.

Brand awareness through logo or product recognition:

Increased exposure to a targeted audience of home-product consumers will expand your sales potential. Your logo will be featured in your on-site display, in our multi-media advertising campaign, promotional tie-ins and directly to the consumer at the show.

Promotional opportunities including media promotions and distribution of product or materials:

Customized sponsorship packages are available to help maximize your exposure. Custom packages can: feature media promotions designed to highlight your product or service exclusively, feature a contest to be promoted at our show, feature your company as sponsor of show shopping bags and other such marketing programs.

Sampling of your product by potential customers:

Place your product in the hands of thousands of potential new customers while at the show.

Custom created benefits designed to meet your marketing needs:

Let us help you meet your specific marketing needs by customizing sponsor benefits to meet sales and marketing objectives.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities submit a contact form, and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your options.